Digital Forensics


We live in a digital world world, and cyber attacks against businesses and institutions are growing in frequency and impact. Cyber incidents, once quietly mentioned only in computer trade publications, now splash the front pages of leading business news outlets, and the business impact is dramatic...and costly. Regardless of the source of the attack or the underlying motive, the end result is often the same, business disruption, significant public-relations damage, customer litigation exposure, and often a major financial loss.

These sensational cyber risks and attacks have driven an explosive demand for cyber insurance and cyber forensics services. But the existence of cyber insurance does not completely mitigate the problem, and the identification of the root cause of the cyber security incident often becomes critical. Please contact Envista's Digital Forensics specialists for:

When your client or insured suffers a data loss, allow our Digital Forensics team to respond and secure their Electronically Stored Information (ESI), log files, and IT system data so that spoliation does not occur.